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Being number #1 isn't our goal... continually improving customer satisfaction is.

A Leading Moving Company Just as every family is different, every family's moving needs are different. At Virgin Van Lines, we tailor a Customized-designed Moving Plan to cater to your needs, your schedule, and your budget.

We know that moving is a demanding task that will draw on your resources. You can feel confident that Virgin Van Lines is committed to help you during this pivotal time, take care of your worries and guide you through. We will partner with you to identify your moving needs, set goals and control moving costs.

Enjoy the magic of a quality move:

  • Efficient, cost-effective moves
  • Professional, Elite team of��movers��
  • State of the art packing techniques

Our experts with their proven moving��techniques will expedite the moving process and save you money.

Moving Checklist


Electric, Gas, Water, Telephone, Sewer District, Trash, Cable/Satellite, Fuel (Oil/Propane), Sewer District

Professional Services

Doctor(s), Dentist, Accountant, Lawyer, Broker, Insurance Agency,


Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters, Professional Journals.


Personal Accounts

Pharmacy, Dry Cleaner, Lawn Service, Bank/Finance Companies, Credit Card Companies, Laundry Service, Auto Finance Company, Health Club.

Government Offices

Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security Administration, State/Federal Tax Bureaus, City/County Tax Assessor, Veterans Administration



Client Testimonials

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Why Virgin Vanlines ?

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As a full service moving company we perform packing, unpacking, shipping, and moving within US (include Hawaii), and we offer insured trucking for long distance and local shipping. Do not commit to a Moving Company until you have contacted us about your next move.

Virgin Vanlines�� Also offer storage solutions from one box to an entire household, your belongings will be stored in a modern state-of-the-art facility where we can accommodate all your needs for warehouse storage.